Out Now: PAROXYS - Demo cassette (DTE48)

Ripping crusty thrash punk heavily influenced by Sacrilege. 

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Out Now: MYCONID - s/t cassette (DTE46)

Portland crust. After four attempts, this is the final remastered version done by Kenko at Communichaos Media Clay Station.

Out Now: KATORGA - Hellfire 7" (DTE45)

"Greed and power, blood washes their streets
Human skirmish, cheaper than machines.

War of the future
The future is now."

Out Now: EGO - Grob cassette (DTE44)

The latest Doomed To Extinction release is out now-  2nd album by the Berlin punks Ego. 10 gloomy songs filled with anger, melancholy, and disgust towards the modern materialistic world of alienation.

Watch Ego's song "Moji Prijatelji" off of the album: