OUT NOW- Massacre 68, Lastsentence, Romantične Boje

3 new releases on Doomed To Extinction Records:

Romantične Boje - 1983-84 cassette (DTE22) - Recently unearthed demos from 1983 and 1984 of top notch Yugoslavian synthpop with punk backbone.
Lastsentence - Solitude cassette (DTE23) - The latest material from the Osaka mangel crusters Lastsentence. 5 devastating crusty hc bombs of noise. This was recorded last December at King Cobra Squat in Osaka.
Massacre 68- Sembrando Muertos cassette (DTE24) - The newest recordings from the cult hc/punk band from Mexico.

MASSACRE 68 Europa 2017 Tour

M68 are touring Europe July 4-30.
The band will have copies of their newest release, Sembrando Muertos cassette.
Come out and support the band on their frist European tour.

3 new Doomed To Extinction cassette releases- Romantične Boje, Lastsentence, Massacre 68

3 new DTE Records releases coming out this Spring:

Romantične Boje- Demos 1983-1984 cassette- unreleased, recently unearthed demo. Superb synthpop, minimal wave from Yugoslavia
Lastsentence- 5 Track cassette- newest recordings from the Osaka hc kang maniacs. Maria drums for Framtid, Nabe was for many years vocalist and guitarist for Ferocious X. You know what to expect- top notch Japanese crusty hc punk
Massacre 68- Sembrando Muertos cassette- 6 new tracks by the Mexican hc/punk legends recorded on their recent tour in Colombia. Raw, loud, political and uncompromising. Free the land!

a Week of Punk Gigs

ASOCIAL Interview, July 2016

1. Please tell us about the beginning of Asocial. Why the name Asocial? Were there any other punk/hc bands in Hedemora when you started playing? What were main influences of  the band?

I was not in the band from the beginning but I was a huge fan! My cousin played bass at that time so I heard a lot of them. They were called Ångest before Asocial and changed name when TB came in as new vocalist. The name Asocial came up but Mats, who's been in the band from beginning till end, can't remember why that name came up. Don't think there were any hard-core band before.
Bands we liked at the time: Discharge, MDC, DRI, Crass and so on...

2. Where did you practice, and how often? What equipment did you have? Was Asocial first band for all of the band members?

I think all members where totally new when they started Ångest. At some early time they/we played in a basement, and a place in Hedemora called Bunkern where we also had a lot of gigs with a lot of bands. For a short period we even played in a small garden shed... Equipment at that time- I can't remember, sorry... Maybe we rehearsed 2 times a week or something. 

3. Where was the first demo from 1983 recorded? How long did it take you to record your 1st 7" Det Bittra Slutet? What was the studio Kloakens Alternativa Antistudio like?

Actually the first demo they did was back in 1982 and that full demo will be released on an album on Radiation Records called "Religion sucks", soon I hope. Also the second demo in the Spring of 1983 (with all tracks) will also be on that album and Mats thinks that both demos were recorded in the above mentioned basement. At least the second demo.
It was great to record in a proper studio for "Det bittra slutet"! We did it in one day and we think Micke, who owns the studio, mixed it by himself after we left. (I have written about that recording in the booklet that follows "Det bittra slutet +" on F.O.A.D. Records).

4. On the October 15 1983 demo you were the singer. When did you switch and start playing drums for Asocial?

5th of November he he.
I was no singer, just a drummer. But apparently one member in Asocial had heard me singing something and thought I could sing... Their singer was gone somewhere and they needed a singer after demo 2 where the drummer was singing. I jumped in and did vocals on 2 gigs and than demo 3. This is confusing but here we go:
Demo 2, Tompa, both drummer and singer on that demo. Him and the bass-player, called Tåmpa, switched places so Tåmpa was drumming on demo 3. Tåmpa left the band so it was natural that I moved to the drums and TB came back on vocals.

5. Did you play any shows outside of Sweden? If so, where?

That did never happen for Asocial.

6. How important were lyrics for Asocial? You sang about military dictatorship, Hiroshima, war, revolution...

Of course that was important and when Tompa were in the band he wrote nearly everything. Accept for Hiroshima that Mats wrote, that's all I can remember...

7. When and why did you leave the band? Can you give some information about later Asocial 7"s, the 1986 "Religion Sucks", and "House Of Gore" from 1992?

I actually borrowed some records from above mentioned cousin and when I heard a song by the band Bauhaus I decided I have to play that kind of music. Or at least try...
I know that they had a lot of member changes but they also recorded 4 songs for a compilation album called "Distortion to hell" and couple more compilation albums.
Religion sucks EP was made in green and also in yellow vinyl. No one knows how many copies were made.

8. How did Distrust get formed? Was the band based out of Hedemora as well?

Asocial was based in Hedemora. I was from outside the town and Peter L and I started a band called Why War in 1982. Later we met 2 brothers who then played in a band called B.T.D. and asked if they would join us and so they did. That’s when Distrust was formed. We played mostly in Hedemora but also one time time in the garden shed... The band lost two members and two new came in the last year of band’s existence, I think. After we split up we had the song "Torterad ångest" on a compilation album on Mortarhate Records called "We won't be your fucking poor".

9. You did Dis Cassettes and Dis-Records. Can you give full discography for both?

Yes, I did and sometimes with help from Mats in Asocial, we also did the fanzine "Distad".
On "No more bondage" I did it together with a friend call Lasse that I also did a fanzine, just one issue, in that period called Anti Christ.

Dis-Cassettes / Dis-Tapes

Dis 001 ”No war no more vol 1” (compilation: Kurt i kuvös, Asocial, Distrust & B.T.D.)
Dis 002 Distrust – A dream of peace
Dis 003 ”No war no more vol 2” (compilation: S.S.G., Booze boys, Distrust, Kurt i kuvös & Asocial)
Dis 004 Naked – Land of death
Dis 005 Asocial & Distrust – Live at International youth centre
Dis 006 Svart parad – Myteri
Dis 007 ”No more bondage” (compilation: A touch of hysteria, Faction, Subhumans, Blood & roses, Paranoid visions & Svart parad)
Dis 008 Svart parad – Multisvält 


Dis-R-001 Asocial – Det bittra slutet (7” single/EP)


Dis-R-001 Asocial – Det bittra slutet (CD)
Dis-R-002 Distrust – A dream of peace (CDr)

10. Where did you have the vinyl printed? How many copies per release? Were cassettes home dubbed or factory made?

I was sitting in my bedroom and made copies of the cassettes, took a while he he... The vinyl I think were pressed in Stockholm but I can't remember. First press of "Det bittra slutet" was 500 and after I left they pressed 500 more. Also a bootleg exist that I think was printed in Canada...

11. Most Dis Cassette releases were by Swedish bands but a few were by the UK anarcho punk bands (Touch of Hysteria, Naked, Faction, Blood and Roses...). How did these come about? Seems to me like the Bluurg Records (or Subhumans) were the connection...

That's right! I think Lasse and I got in contact with those bands both for the fanzine and cassettes. I remember I got a really good contact with Phil who was the new bass player in Subhumans when they played in Sweden. It was meant for us to have live songs from that concert but there were some problem with that so he sent me 3 unreleased (at that time) songs, what a guy!!

12. Were you in any other bands after Distrust and Asocial?

Oh Yes!! But those bands were more Goth-oriented. First me and Robban (from Distrust) started Wolfgang and in 1986 we had moved to Gothenburg and continued Wolfgang there, also Sven from Crude S.S. had moved there so he joined us. After that I played in Charlie D.S., Feber (one 7") & Web.

13. You recently released Asocial and Distrust discography CDs on your new label Disrec-Records. Do you plan to do more releases?

I don't think so. Now I have been collaborated with other record labels for vinyl releases but you never know...

14. When will the Asocial double LP be released? Is it going to be put out by F.O.A.D. Records in Italy?

Yes! And when this fanzine is out I'm pretty sure it's out on www.scareystore.com F.O.A.D. Records been amazing to work with and really want it to be a good product! I got the opportunity to do the gatefold sleeve, booklet and more.

15. Anything else you would like to add?

I had to check some answers with Mats of Asocial because I was in the band just nearly 2 years. If anyone would like to order the Distrust-A dream of peace CD or/and Asocial-Det bittra slutet CD please send me an e-mail: hakan@aspnasfoto.se