OUT NOW: Industrial Genocide fanzine issue 1

Industrial Genocide fanzine issue 1 

-Article by Alexis from Medellin hardcore band Herpes on Colombian 80s/ 90s punk scene, state repression, and DIY network

-Info on Doom/ Concrete Sox 1989 gig in Yugoslavia, plus gig photos sent in by Gvido (Brainstorm, Necrophilia, Crist)

-Article by Kenji of Asbestos about the band’s history, anti-emperor demonstrations, anarcho-punk network in Japan, info about various Asbestos recordings, concerts and other like- minded bands from the 80s and 90s

-Interview with Jon from Minneapolis crust punk band Misery about the band’s early days, Misery iconic artwork, 80s and current Minneapolis punk scene

-Interview with Martin and Al from the UK anarcho-punk band Cyanide Scenario about the band, Al’s cassette label, their connection with early Napalm Death, as well as Al’s other bands Internal Autonomy and The Dear Departed

- Interview with Hiroki from crust punks Ulcer where he talks about the band’s lyrics artwork and recording techniques, his previous bands Effigy, COSA, Axewield, and his cassette label Code 9 that put out bands such as D-Starve, Daston, and Future-Now

-Interview with Rob from Bay Area anarcho-punk band A State Of Mind where Rob discusses his early punk days in Philadelphia, the move to California, Crucifix East Coast tour, punk commune in Emeryville, shows with Iconoclast, Treason, Trial, as well as his current life endeavors 

Plus collages, photos, flyers, and centerfold poster with rare 80s photos and gig flyers of punk bands from Yugoslavia

48 pages, pro printed


New IOS album coming out soon. Photos- live in Thessaloniki, September 1, 2023.


New release in the works- Morbid Humour discography LP (DTE44).


On December 4th, 2022 at 2000 Volts in Tokyo, ASBESTOS played a show (under the name THE FINAL SOLUTION) with the original vocalist Kan. The other bands that played the gig were ROCKY AND THE SWEDEN, TERROR SQUAD, IDORA, and F.V.K. A new album is planned to be released in 2023. Stay tuned.

V/A Groblje Iluzija

DTE is distributing this compilation cassette featuring new punk bands from Serbia. Released in Berlin, first pressing of 50 copies, silk screened cover. Order at distortba@dtepunk.com