New release in the works- Morbid Humour discography LP (DTE44).


On December 4th, 2022 at 2000 Volts in Tokyo, ASBESTOS played a show (under the name THE FINAL SOLUTION) with the original vocalist Kan. The other bands that played the gig were ROCKY AND THE SWEDEN, TERROR SQUAD, IDORA, and F.V.K. A new album is planned to be released in 2023. Stay tuned.

V/A Groblje Iluzija

DTE is distributing this compilation cassette featuring new punk bands from Serbia. Released in Berlin, first pressing of 50 copies, silk screened cover. Order at

Out Now: INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL - In Conspiracy With Crust, The Stenchcore Sessions LP

For the DTE camp, some of the best and most memorable recordings are those done in a raw, "amateur" fashion. ENT 1987 rehearsal, Doom live, from the split cassette with Battle Of Disarm, will always be above any of their studio recorded material.

The Instinct Of Survival "demos album" is pretty much in the same vein - 14 raw, unpolished songs that can not be replicated in a professional studio. Self-recorded by the band on a 4-track. 400 copies on 180 gram black vinyl, 24pt board jackets.


INDUSTRIAL GENOCIDE #1 fanzine, out Spring 2023.