Upcoming Release: TRIVALIA - Crna Voda LP+7" (DTE36)

Coming out in 2021.


Ego, 1st practice after Summer break. Next show- Sept 26, Berlin.

Video - https://dtepunk.com/static/media/uploads/img_4705.mp4

Out Now: V/A Robovi Slobode cassette (Ego, Disciplina, Otih) DTE35

The newest release on Doomed To Extinction Records is a 3-way split cassette titled Slaves Of Freedom. The bands featured are Ego (based in Berlin, Germany), Disciplina (out of Oakland, California), and Otih (from Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina).
While musically different from each other, all three bands relay similar lyrical content: alienation and loneliness, proliferation of technology, surveillance and control, consumerism, and war. The other unifying factors are the language all three bands sing in, Serbo-Croatian, and the fact that the 3 members of the bands who worked on this release are immigrants and refugees from various parts of ex-Yugoslavia (from Serbia to Germany, from Bosnia and Herzegovina to the US, from Croatia to Bosnia and Herzegovina).
Ego was formed in Berlin in 2019. The singer and guitarist were previously in a band called GAU. Their 2 songs featured on Slaves Of Freedom are from the very first studio recordings the band did back in mid 2019. Recorded DIY by the Ego guitarist.
Disciplina is a one man band formed after the break up of Oakland based crust punk bands Filthchain and Antifact. Recorded DIY at home with a 3 string guitar, 2 string bass, and a drum machine.
Otih was formed in Banja Luka in 2020. A 2 piece band whose members have been in numerous hc/punk bands since the 1990s. Recorded and mixed at Otih rehearsal space, DIY.
Artwork was done by Doomsday Graphics. 

Out Now: ABILITY - Fight For Lights 7" (DTE34)

ABILITY formed in Mie in 1997. In 1998, they released self produced compilation album "Human Around OF Peace" they shared with DISLIKE and DECEIVING SOCIETY. The following year, a split cassette with DECEIVING SOCIETY entitled "Oi Wake Up" was released. In 2000, the band contributed 2 songs for a compilation album "Chaos Of Destruction 2", and disbanded the following year.

New Release, December 2019: ABILITY 7"

Mie, Japan hardcore punk.
4 songs recorded in 1998.