The East Coast tour was a blast. EEL destroyed every village, sewer and basement from Bufallo to Philly. A new DTE record in the works.
EEL soon to record at the Chaos/Distort studio (see the photo) for a split record with the Radioactive (Japan), 4 songs each. 
Check out demo version of 2 songs from the upcoming split:

Spring / Summer Releases, ATF / IOS Audio

Listen here:

EEL, East Coast Tour May 2018, New Record

EEL East Coast Tour:

May 17- Buffalo
May 18- Ottawa
May 20- Montreal
May 21- Boston
May 22- Philidelphia 

New EEL record in the works, DTE30.

March 9, 2018, Broken Spirit in SJ

Tonight in San Jose- Broken Spirit (from Pdx, 2/4 Dead Cult), with B-Ward (from Santa Rosa, 2/4 Deras Krig). Come out, support the bands, DIY space, zine makers, get the latest DTE releases.  

New Releases, Winter/ Spring 2018

Both MASSACRE 68 LPs (No Estamos Conformes, and El Muro) are at the pressing plant and will be ready in 2-3 months.
Mixing and mastering for the INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL / ASOCIAL TERROR FABRICATION split LP is done, records will be ready to ship some time in May or June. 
FATUM / INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL split cassette will be released next week.
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